Unmasked: Unlikely Hero Series Book 2

Unmasked: Unlikely Hero Series Book 2

Being a hero just became a tougher gig.

Daniel and Amy, as the superheroes Angel and Kestrel, have defeated Crusher, ending the supervillain’s plans for domination. All that’s left to be done is to clean up the non-super criminals and Sueño will be safe again. Or so they think.

Crusher’s father, going by the supervillain handle Pestilence, has other plans for the two heroes, and the city they protect. He won’t stop until both of them are killed in the most painful of ways and the city that supported them is punished. With his powers and the resources he commands, it’s not an idle threat.

Meanwhile, other criminals with super powers seem to be popping up like proverbial weeds. Some of them join Pestilence in his quest for power...and his plans for revenge.

When Angel and Kestrel’s biggest secret is revealed to the world, things get even worse. How can the two young heroes stand up to the growing list of supervillains arrayed against them? Sometimes, being a hero is a very tough job.

Get the exciting sequel to Unfurled and be part of the super-powered action!

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Series: Unlikely Hero Series
ASIN: B0776L7KC8
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