Good news…and bad news

The second book in my Unlikely Hero series, Unmasked, launched today, after being on preorder for several weeks. I was excited about today’s launch, but when I opened the book on my Kindle to check it out, I was extremely disappointed.

Let me step back a bit. For this who are not aware, the preorder process goes like this. The information (cover, title, author, all that stuff) for a book is uploaded to Amazon to establish the preorder. In order to start it, the interim book content is also uploaded. Because this is a month or more before actual launch, it is rarely (and for me, never) the final version. It hasn’t been completely edited and proofread at that point.

When the launch date gets nearer, I am responsible for uploading the final file, the one to be put out on the Amazon store. I do that, without fail. I even post several files along the process, just in case there is a mistake with the final file, as I have seen happen with many authors.

I have done many preorders, and launched many books on Amazon. I know the process. I follow it. I expect that things will run smoothly.

They don’t always do that.

On today’s launch, the file that was pushed out to the store is the original file I uploaded. You know, the one with all the errors, the lack of good formatting, even some random letters as text placeholders.

To say the least, I was mortified. I don’t know how this happened, but I contacted Amazon immediately and uploaded the correct file. Again. The problem is, it’ll take twenty-four hours or so to get things straightened up. In the meantime, those who preordered the book have a substandard version.

I can’t apologize enough for this. I am working with Amazon to get the correct file up. Please contact me if you preordered or bought the book and I will get the correct version to you.

So, it’s happy news that the book is out, not so happy that there was a mixup. I’ll try my best to consider this a plot twist, one I would cut from my story in editing if I could.


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