Magic After Dark Boxed Set Now Available

The boxed set including my brand new novel Wanderer’s Song (Song of Prophecy Series Book 1) is now available on most e-book marketplaces. Check out the page dedicated to it for details.

These heroes and heroines are redefining the meaning of their lives…and the villains are about to get what’s been coming to them. 

Journey from the hills of Ireland to Victorian England, from medieval Italy to eighteenth century Egypt, from the United States to the sand-baked Middle East and beyond to explore forbidden magic, navigate the pitfalls of ancient prophecies, battle vampires and shifters, and defeat evil sorcerers and hellish demons.

This unique collection, inspired by the ability to empower yourself by redefining your identity on your own terms, contains over one million words of captivating urban fantasy and paranormal romance fiction that’s guaranteed to keep you up long after dark.

Each book within this collection is exclusive to the set and can’t be found anywhere else. Get it now for a future filled with mystery, adventure, romance, and magical thrills!

Here is some information on my novel Wanderer’s Song, included in the boxed set:

The one to crush the darkness…

Nearly three thousand years ago, the Prophet penned the Song of Prophecy, foretelling a time when darkness would engulf the world and threaten all life. The Malatirsay would come, the Chosen One to save the world of Dizhelim, wielding magic unseen in centuries. To prepare for this future time, the Hero Academy was built, its sole purpose to train the One. But it has lost its focus throughout the ages, not watching vigilantly for the signs of the end.

The time has arrived and the animaru have come, dark creatures of un-life, intent on snuffing out all living things and light itself. But where is the Malatirsay?

Aeden Tannoch, trained as a highland clan warrior, raised by the Gypta traveling people, could be the One, but he cannot use the promised magic. Yet. In the midst of the dark swarm invading his world, he must travel to the Hero Academy to seek the aid and tutelage of the masters there. The enemy has caught his scent and pursues him. If he doesn’t learn to use the power he is prophesied to employ, not only will he fall, but the entire world will die with him.


6 thoughts on “Magic After Dark Boxed Set Now Available

  1. Awesome! One of the best stories I’ve read in quite a while! extremely well developed characters and the plot is full of unexpected twists. Don’t miss this! 😀

    • Thanks, Dawn. I am finishing up another book right now and then I will work on Warrior’s Song, book 2 in the Song of Prophecy series. I’ll be working on books 2 and 3 at the same time, so they should release within a month or two of each other.

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