Book Release Delays. Now I Understand…To a Point

Release Calendar - Final

As a reader, I can think of few things more frustrating than waiting for the next book in a series to be released, only to have it delayed over and over again. If you don’t understand the concept, strike up a conversation with a Game of Thrones fan and ask when the next book will be out. You’ll probably want to get yourself comfortable before asking, though. It may take a while.

The old adage that to understand someone you must travel a mile in their shoes applies here. While most readers understand that writing and publishing a book takes some time, there is such a wide range in the frequency of book releases, sometimes it is hard to determine if an author is dragging his or her creative feet or if the reasons (excuses?) for delays are valid. Out of curiosity, I did some research on a handful of authors to see how frequently they release new works. One must keep in mind that not all authors are created equal, so the numbers should be taken with more than one grain of salt.

Frequency of New Releases By Some Well-Known Authors
Author Number of Books Over How Many Years Frequency             (years per book)
Nora Roberts 234 32 0.14 (49 days!)
Tom Clancy 92 29 0.32
Brandon Sanderson 31 10 0.32
Stephen King 85 39 0.45
James Patterson 61 34 0.56
Terry Brooks 45 38 0.84
Robert Heinlein 38 46 1.2
J.K. Rowling 7 10 1.43
George RR Martin 13 34 2.6
Ernest Hemingway 13 35 2.7

As you can see, the average frequency for an individual author differs quite a bit, as does each book release for the same author. For example, though George RR Martin has an average of 2.6 years between releases, it has been double that since his last Game of Thrones book. It’s no wonder some readers are disappointed.

In the past, I, in my ignorance, scoffed at authors who spouted the old standby: “I just want to make sure the book is the best I can make it, so I’m pushing off the release date for another [insert ridiculous length of time here].” The thing is, there is some validity to the statement. Some.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not selling out and I’m definitely not condoning or defending authors who make their fans wait exorbitant amounts of time to get the next book in a series. All I am saying is that I have experienced firsthand how things can get slightly out of control.

Let me use as an example a story that has a fair amount of complexity and girth. Writing the first draft, it seems sometimes that things flow well and there will be no problem making the self-imposed deadline for release. Then, somewhere in between the third and fourth edits, the story begs to fork off in another direction. The author can ignore the direction the story and characters want to go, or he can oblige them and see where it all leads. And just like that, another month or more has just been added to the process.

This is not even mentioning delays in cover art creation, third-party editing, or one of the other dozen or so steps that are required to publish a book. Suffice it to say, it was eye-opening when delays began to rear their ugly heads with my own works. And then there are the delays originating with traditional publishing houses themselves, things completely out of control of the author.

Still, there are limits to which we can claim unforeseen occurrences meddling with our schedules. If delays stretch from weeks to months and even to years, there is something wrong. Authors have the obligation, I believe, to finish what they start, and to do so in a reasonable amount of time. In spite of all the many things that can tie us down and cause a release date to be pushed out, readers deserve the entire story, start to finish. As for myself, I need to get back to editing the next book in my series now so I won’t be accused of stalling.

If only George RR Martin would do the same.



Can You Hear It?

Vibrations Harmonic Magic - AudioThe audiobook version of Vibrations is out! It is now available on Audible, Amazon, and the iTunes store. I’m trying to get the book so that it qualifies for Whispersync, Amazon’s/Audible’s program for seamlessly merging audiobooks and e-books. If it qualifies, those who have bought the e-book version will be able to get the audiobook for a discounted price.


3D Printing Aids in Vibrational Healing

As readers of Vibrations: Harmonic Magic Book 1 are aware, vibratory energy plays a major part in the story. It might interest some to know, however, that such things do not exist exclusively in fiction. Vibration has been used for healing for thousands of years, mainly in the far East. Now, there is a new tool in this type of care: a 3D-printed cast custom-made to deliver vibratory healing energy to a bone fracture.

There have been indications for at least a decade that low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) improves the healing in bone fractures, but the equipment used for treatment was inhibited by bulky plaster casts. Industrial Design student Deniz Karasahin has created a way to use LIPUS more efficiently to promote faster healing of broken bones: the Osteoid Medical Cast, a honey-comb structure cast printed on a 3D printer that works with a bone stimulator to deliver the appropriate vibratory energy to the injury.

Osteoid Cast 01

Images courtesy of A’Design Award & Competition

The designer claims that fractures heal 38-80% more rapidly than without the vibratory treatment, depending upon the type of fracture. Though there are not a great number of studies on this method of treatment, those that exist seem to indicate that healing is, in fact, improved with LIPUS (see this study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal).

Osteoid Cast 02



Osteoid Cast 03








Another thing recommending the cast over traditional plaster casts is that the open design allows air to flow on and around the skin. Maybe more importantly to the injured person’s close friends and family, the cast itself can get wet. No more putting plastic bags over a cast to take a shower, and no more “cast stench” (my term) from the unwashed skin underneath. By all accounts, this device is a good example of the beneficial use of technology in general and the adaptability of 3D printing specifically.

Now if technology could only keep us from breaking bones in the first place.



Fantasy Adventure For Under a Buck!

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Follow my NaNoWriMo Quest

NaNoWriMo With Words

Today is the start of the National Novel Writing Month project to write a novel by the end of the month. As I posted a few days ago, I am taking part in this program. I will be logging my word counts and my experiences on this page. If you’re interesting in seeing how I’m doing, check it out. I’ll try to post daily, but can’t promise I can do that for thirty days straight. I’ll do my best.


Gray Man Rising: Tales of Gythe Has Been Launched

Gray Man Rising - EbookThe prequel novella to Vibrations is now available on Amazon in print and e-book formats. Click on the cover image to see the product page. The e-book is still available for free to members of my PEP News mailing list. If you’d like to join, click here.

The Gray Man’s power is growing. Is there anyone on Gythe who can stop him?

From his fortress lair, the Gray Man, possibly the most powerful user of the vibrational energy called rohw the world of Gythe has seen in centuries, is gathering troops and increasing his strength. The only obstacles to his total domination are the order of Zouyim monks, themselves masters of the rohw, and the women who call themselves Sapsyra Shin Elah, the finest warriors in the world.

In this prequel to the Harmonic Magic series, Rindu Zose, his wife Ylleria, and their daughter Nalia Wroun, protectors of the common people, are caught up in events that quickly spin out of control, resulting in the destruction of the famed Zouyim temple. Will Rindu’s magic and the martial skills possessed by Ylleria and Nalia be enough to combat the Gray Man’s ever-increasing power? If they fail, everything they know and love could be destroyed forever.