Resonance is out!

Resonance, the third book in the Harmonic Magic trilogy, is out. Experience the end of the quest for the three artifacts of power. Find out if Gythe will begin its new government or fall under the tyrannical rule of Chetra Dal. This third book completes the story about Sam and Nalia’s adventures in Gythe. For now.


The master revealed…the end in sight.

Ayim Rasaad is dead, the threat apparently ended. After all the battles, all the death, all the heartache, Sam and the other heroes of Gythe thought they had finally won.

They were wrong.

Somehow, Rasaad’s master pilfered the two artifacts of power his apprentice had found. Only one remains hidden. When the three are united, magical might as had not been known for ages will be at the user’s fingertips.

Sam Sharp intends to be the one to obtain the last object, stopping his mysterious enemy once and for all.

All he needs to do is find the missing item that has been hidden for millennia, destroy the army trying to crush everything good in the world, and defeat a villain who may or may not be the most renowned Zouyim master who ever lived.

Get the final book in the Harmonic Magic trilogy and experience the struggle, the danger, the liberation of Gythe…or its destruction.


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