Works In Progress

Here are some of the things I’m working on. I’ll try to update this page when there are significant events.


Ix novella

This book is finished. The e-book is available exclusively for PEP Talk subscribers. Here’s the description:

Assassin no more.

In Gythe, those who have heard of Ix know her as the finest assassin alive. Some recognize her as the Gray Man’s chief killer, death her constant companion.

Until now.

Defeated by the last of the Sapsyra warriors, Nalia Wroun, and then shown mercy, Ix has left behind the life of a cutthroat for hire. Why would her enemy spare her life? What would she do with the chance she had been given?

When Ix finds herself in the land of her birth, she decides to go in search of her roots. But trouble doesn’t just exist in the fortress of the Gray Man. The greatest challenge of her life could be ahead of her, in the land where her family was betrayed and murdered.

Set in the world of Gythe, this companion story to the Harmonic Magic Series delves into one of the most fascinating characters in the series and ties together events between the stories in Vibrations and Harmonics.



Unmasked  (Unlikely Hero Series Book 2)



The second book in the Unlikely Hero series is out, available in paperback and e-book formats. Click on the cover to see more details about the book.







Undaunted  (Unlikely Hero Series Book 3)


I have finished writing this book and it is in editing right now. I’m hoping to get it out in January, though it may end up being early February. This book will complete the Unlikely Hero series.







Harmonic Magic Series Boxed SetResonance (Harmonic Magic Book 3)



The boxed set for the Harmonic Magic series is out. It includes all three trilogy books (Vibrations, Harmonics, Resonance) as well as Gray Man Rising. The free book I provide for my PEP Talk subscribers is now Ix: Legacy of Honor instead of Gray Man Rising. GMR is being put into KDP Select and will no longer be available for free.






Wanderer’s Song (Song of Prophecy Series Book 1)



This book was in the Magic After Dark boxed set, but now it’s available by itself. It is the start of the Song of Prophecy series. Click on the cover for more information.









Song of Prophecy Companion Story (Tales of Dizhelim)

Much like the Tales of Gythe collection, I plan on writing one or two companion books for the world of Dizhelim, wherein the Song of Prophecy series (in which Wanderer’s Song) occurs. I’ve already started writing this, but I’m not sure when it will be available.






Shadowling (The Shadowling Chronicles Book 1)




This book was originally part of the Myths & Magic boxed set, but that boxed set has now been taken down. It is now available as a solo title. Click on the cover art for more information.










The Seven


I’m trying something new with this one. I will be releasing this book, a chapter or two at a time, to the subscribers of my PEP Talk newsletter. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get the structure sufficiently done to start posting, though.

It is a story about a world-ending cataclysm that leaves the few people left wondering what happened and how they are to approach the future. The secret seems to be wrapped up in the eight people found at what seems to be ground zero of the devastation. One of the eight is not like the others. What secrets do they hold and how will knowing them help to rebuild civilization?








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    • Hi Brian. I’ve only recently experimented with putting my books on sites other than Amazon. I plan on migrating them in the future, but I’m not sure exactly when. So far, the only book that has gone to Nook is Vibrations.

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