Write. Publish. Repeat.: The No-Luck-Required Guide to Self-Publishing Success

Write Publish Repeat5 SmileysWrite. Publish. Repeat (WPR) is not a book about writing. Rather, it is a book about creating stories, publishing them, and then doing the things afterward that will help get them into the hands of readers who appreciate them. It is a guide that takes authors through the mindset and process by which they can increase their readership and work toward writing not just as a hobby or side job but as their primary vocation. In the pages of WPR, the reader will find guidance on how to make the most of the resources available for self-publishers. The book will help new authors avoid practices that could waste time and money and adopt those that are most beneficial.

One of the distinctions made repeatedly throughout the book is between strategies and tactics. Strategies are high level plans for accomplishing long-range goals, whereas tactics are specific devices or actions for fulfilling shorter-range objectives. Strategies are timeless, whereas tactics may change with the wind. While there are some tactics discussed in the book, most of the information consists of good, solid advice on strategic actions that should be taken. Because of this, the vast majority of information would apply just as well in 1975 as in 2015 and even on to 2025 and later.

Marketing, gaining visibility for your books, and building a platform as protection against the fickle nature of internet businesses and social networks (can you say “Myspace”) are some of the things covered in WPR. The authors give it to you straight, in irreverent language peppered with slang and expletives (in appropriate places, not simply gratuitously), making the book, which is the size of many epic fantasy novels, an entertaining, quick read. In fact, the interesting manner of writing made me check out some of their fiction books.

If you are an author who has published at least one book or are just about to do so, WPR should be on your bookshelf or your e-reader. While you may get much of the information from other books or sources, the way it is explained and meshed together into a cohesive whole will be of great benefit. After the initial reading, you may just find yourself using the book as a reference, reviewing parts of it occasionally, as I find myself doing.

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